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Protecting the Rights of Investors Nationwide

You thought your money was safely invested. You trusted the professionals to watch out for your interests. If you suffered financial loss in your investments due to fraud or stockbroker misconduct, you may have legal remedies to recover your losses.

You want an experienced securities lawyer who can assert your rights and hold the brokerage firm accountable. You want a lawyer who has favorably resolved these disputes for people in similar circumstances. Contact my office today for a free consultation.

Investment Fraud Attorney

The law office of John C. Barlow, Esq., Attorney at Law, provides investors with decades of experience in securities law. I started my legal career as an enforcement attorney for the Illinois Secretary of State’s Securities Department, then spent 18 years with FINRA (formerly the NASD) before opening my own law firm.

Since 2004, I have focused exclusively in plaintiff representation in arbitration and litigation of securities and investor fraud. I serve clients throughout Chicagoland, northern Illinois and northwest Indiana, but I take investment claims throughout the United States, from Florida to Arizona and California.

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Pursuing Justice for Your Investment Losses

I am well versed in all types of securities products and investments , from stocks, bonds and mutual funds to annuities, mortgage-backed securities and real estate investment trusts (REITs). I have handled cases involving out-of-pocket losses of $100,000 all the way up to major frauds involving millions of dollars.

Whatever the form of stockbroker misconduct or fraud — inappropriate risk, unauthorized trading and churning, misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence or elaborate scams — I will represent you in any forum for recovering your losses:

  • Securities arbitration

    You may have agreed to take any dispute to binding arbitration when you opened your investment account. I have the extensive experience in these proceedings to fully protect your rights. In fact, I trained many of the FINRA arbitrators who hear these cases.

  • Securities mediation

    Mediating can be less risky and more productive than arbitration or litigation. I can help you select a mediator, prepare you for mediation and review any tentative settlement. I will also be at your side throughout the process.

  • Securities litigation

    When there is no arbitration clause and the defense is not inclined to negotiate, I can capably represent you in state or federal court in a lawsuit seeking damages for fraud or malfeasance.

Attorney Profile

Highly Experienced Illinois Securities Lawyer

At the office of John C. Barlow, Esq., Attorney at Law, I offer considerable experience and knowledge to individuals throughout the United States who face securities arbitration or mediation, including situations involving allegations of stockbroker misconduct.

I have now 33 years practice as an attorney. I became licensed to practice in 1984 and my time as a lawyer has been all in securities law to your situation:

  • I served two years as an enforcement attorney with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Securities Department.
  • I served 18 years as a staff attorney, Regional Director and Associate Vice President with the Financial Industry Regulatory Association Dispute Resolution Inc. (FINRA), formerly known as the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD).
  • I opened my own law practice in 2004, dedicated exclusively to plaintiff representation in securities and investor fraud.

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Contact Securities Fraud Attorney John C. Barlow Today

Your time frame to recover compensation for stockbroker fraud or misconduct may be limited. You need to contact an attorney as soon as possible to preserve your legal rights.

If you lost a substantial stake through a broker’s fraud or incompetence, contact my office online, or call me at (312) 214-3365. I offer a free consultation and I take most cases on a contingency fee.

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