Investment & Stock Broker Fraud Lawyer

Representing Plaintiffs Nationwide in Securities Litigation

At the office of John C. Barlow, Esq., Attorney at Law, in Chicago, I concentrate my practice exclusively on protecting the rights of investors, representing clients in northeast Illinois, northwest Indiana and across the country, from Arizona to Florida.

I have spent my entire legal career working with securities law issues, beginning as an enforcement attorney with the Illinois Securities Department and serving the next 18 years with FINRA Dispute Resolution Inc. (formerly known as the National Association of Securities Dealers or the NASD).

I opened my own solo law practice in 2004, devoted almost exclusively to plaintiff representation in securities and investor fraud.

I offer a free initial consultation to individuals who have suffered financial loss because of investment fraud or any other misconduct by a stockbroker or brokerage firm. To set up an appointment, contact my Illinois investor fraud law firm online or call me at (312) 214-3365.

My Representation of Investors

I provide comprehensive counsel to investors who have suffered financial loss:

  • Securities litigation, including claims of stockbroker misconduct: I handle cases involving investment fraud, unauthorized trading, churning, breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation of risk, negligence or failure to properly diversify.
  • Arbitration proceedings: In many instances, you agree to binding arbitration of all disputes when you sign up for an investment account. I will represent you in arbitration with FINRA, making certain that your rights are protected.
  • Securities mediation: You can opt to resolve your dispute through securities mediation. In a mediation proceeding, you work with a neutral third party whose objective is to help all parties find a mutually acceptable solution. I will prepare all documents required for mediation, prepare you to participate in mediation, and act as your advocate throughout the process.

Explore Your Options to Recover Your Investment Losses

When you come to me to learn whether you have a claim for damages, I will take a close look at the facts and circumstances surrounding your claim, including who you dealt with, what you identified as your investment objective, what your broker promised or told you would be done, what products you were sold and what your investment advisor actually did.

Contact Securities Lawyer John C. Barlow

I handle most securities law matters on a contingent fee basis. I will only charge attorney fees if I recover compensation for your losses. Contact me online or call my office at (312) 214-3365 for an appointment.