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Aggressive Recovery of Your Investment Losses

Investors face a dizzying array of investment choices, from common stocks and mutual funds to complex derivatives and speculative securities. It is sometimes difficult to fully understand what you are buying or how it works. Most investors place their trust in the brokerage firm or financial advisor to protect and grow their assets.

Some stockbrokers and advisors are merely salesmen who are not educated in sound economic principles or knowledgeable about the securities and products they are pushing. Other brokers are motivated by commissions on high-risk investments or other self-serving interests. Some investment firms are downright fraudulent. You hear of this type of thing all the time in the news.

If you have suffered significant investment losses through fraud or malfeasance, you may have legal remedies to recover some or all of your money. Contact my law practice, John C. Barlow, Esq., Attorney at Law, for a free initial consultation.

It is paramount to act quickly to preserve your rights.

Nationwide Representation in Securities and Investor Fraud

I am an experienced securities law attorney with 33 years of focused experience in the arena of broker misconduct and investment fraud. I began my career as an enforcement attorney for the Illinois Secretary of State’s Securities Department, then spent 18 years as an attorney and Associate Vice President and Regional Director with FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Dispute Resolution Inc. (formerly the National Association of Securities Dealers Inc., or NASD).

I opened my own law firm in Chicago in 2004, exclusively representing plaintiffs in securities and investor fraud. I serve clients throughout Chicagoland, northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana, but I regularly represent defrauded investors throughout the United States, including many retirees from Florida to Arizona and California.

I handle all forms of stockbroker misconduct and fraud, from unsuitable investments and overconcentration to misrepresentation, unauthorized trading, breach of fiduciary duty or Ponzi schemes. I regularly assist clients who have lost $100,000 or more in their investment portfolios or retirement nest eggs.

Exploring Your Remedies for Securities Fraud and Malfeasance

Your legal options depend on the type of security, the brokerage agreement, when the fraud occurred and other factors. I can capably represent you in any forum:

  • Securities arbitration — You may be bound by a clause to resolve investment disputes through binding arbitration. Having worked for FINRA Dispute Resolution Inc. as an Associate Vice President and Regional Director for 18 years, I can protect your rights in your arbitration.
  • Securities mediation — It may be preferable to resolve your claims through formal mediation with a neutral third party. I prepare all documents and prepare you for the mediating sessions, acting as your advocate throughout the process.
  • Securities litigation — In appropriate cases, I can represent you in a civil lawsuit in state or federal court to pursue compensation for securities fraud or stockbroker misconduct, including punitive damages for willful fraud, conspiracy or concealment of fraud.

I handle securities cases involving all types of investments: stocks, bonds and mutual funds; college education accounts; commodities and speculative investments; mortgage-backed securities and real estate limited partnerships.

I will closely examine the facts and circumstantial evidence to determine if you have a viable claim. If so, I will vigorously pursue justice and guide you through a complex and intimidating process. I am a solo practitioner, so you will work directly with me from start to finish. I offer a free initial consultation and I handle most securities cases on a contingency fee — you pay no attorney fees to me unless I recover compensation for you.

Contact Illinois Securities Lawyer John Barlow

Many securities dealers are never held accountable because fraud or misconduct claims are not brought within the statute of limitations. Call me today at (312) 214-3365 or contact me online to arrange a free consultation.