Securities Arbitration

Chicago Securities Arbitration Attorney

If you believe you have suffered financial loss because of the wrongful acts of an investment advisor, you may be required to settle your dispute through binding securities arbitration. You want an experienced securities lawyer to guide you through the process, so that your rights are fully protected.

Nationwide Securities Arbitration Practice

At the office of John C. Barlow, Esq., Attorney at Law, in Chicago, I bring extensive securities law experience to people in northeast Illinois, northwest Indiana and across the United States. A former enforcement attorney with the Illinois Securities Department, I also spent 18 years with the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA), formerly known as the NASD, before going into private practice. Because of my experience and reputation, most of my cases come to me as referrals.

I provide a free initial consultation to all clients. Contact my office online or call me at (312)214-3365 to set up an appointment.

Protecting Your Interests in Securities Arbitration

When you opened your investment account, you most likely signed an agreement requiring arbitration through FINRA if you wanted to challenge the management of your investments or take any legal action for stockbroker or investment advisor wrongdoing. In a securities arbitration, the parties select an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators who are professionals with considerable knowledge of securities law. The arbitrator listens to all the facts and evidence and renders a decision on behalf of one of the parties.

The arbitration process has many distinct advantages over litigation:

  • The arbitration process is quicker than litigation
  • Arbitration is less expensive than litigation
  • Arbitration provides a final and binding result

You may also consider looking into the mediation process to settle your dispute. To learn more, visit my securities mediation page.

Because I have spent my legal career in the securities industry, I am intimately familiar with the arbitration process. I have a comprehensive understanding of the laws, and know how to assimilate and present evidence to an arbitration panel to effectively support your position.

I will handle all matters related to the arbitration, preparing and filing any documentation required by the panel, and acting as your advocate throughout the process.

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For a free initial consultation, contact me online or call me at (312)214-3365 to discuss your situation. I handle most securities law matters on a contingent fee basis. I will only charge attorney fees if you recover compensation for your losses.