Illinois Securities Litigation Lawyer

Sophisticated Representation in Investor Lawsuits

If you believe that you were defrauded by a brokerage firm, financial advisor or stockbroker, you want a lawyer who understands the law and who has helped other people in similar situations recoup some of their investment losses.

I am an experienced securities law attorney — I formerly worked at FINRA Dispute Resolution Inc. as an Associate Vice President and Regional Director and for the state of Illinois as an enforcement attorney — who can represent you in any venue, including a civil fraud lawsuit in state or federal court. My Chicago law practice, John C. Barlow, Esq., Attorney at Law, represents investors in Illinois and throughout the United States. Contact me to discuss your circumstances and your options in a free consultation.

Securities Fraud Attorney Handling Claims Nationwide

Securities litigation is an umbrella term referring to disputes with a brokerage firm or stronger allegations of intent to defraud on the part of brokers or securities dealers. I have experience with all forms of stockbroker fraud and misconduct. I can assess the merits of your case and help you explore your litigation options:

  • Arbitration — You may be required to enter binding arbitration under the terms of your brokerage agreement.
  • Mediation — I can advise you in non-binding mediation, in which a neutral third party mediator facilitates a mutually acceptable resolution.
  • Negotiation — If alternative dispute resolution is not feasible or not in your best interests, I can represent you in direct negotiations with the brokerage or investment firm to reach a settlement.
  • Litigation (civil lawsuit) — If you are not bound by an arbitration clause, it may be necessary or advantageous to sue the brokerage, financial services company or individual broker for damages. I can represent you in actions for fraud, concealment of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, misrepresentation or other claims of professional misconduct or malfeasance.

Contact Chicago Securities Fraud Attorney John Barlow

Recent legislation has made it more difficult to sue for investment fraud — under the FINRA arbitration process or in court. I am knowledgeable about a wide range of securities products and investments. I know from my years at FINRA what constitutes fraud and misconduct under the law, and how to document and articulate your case for damages. Whatever path you ultimately choose to resolve your claims, you will work directly with me from start to finish.

For a free initial consultation, contact me online or call me at (312)214-3365. I take most securities claims on a contingent fee basis, charging lawyer fees only if I recover compensation for losses in your investor accounts.