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If you believe you have suffered financial loss because of stockbroker misconduct or wrongful acts of an investment advisor, one alternative method for resolving your problem is securities mediation. Mediation can often be less expensive and time-consuming than litigation, and instead of depending on the decisions of another person, as in an arbitration, you actively participate in identifying and implementing solutions.

If you are considering mediation as a method of alternative dispute resolution, you want an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process, so that your interests are fully protected.

At the office of John C. Barlow, Esq., Attorney at Law, in Chicago, I bring decades of experience to people in northeast Illinois, northwest Indiana and across the country. Before opening my own practice in 2004, I served as an enforcement attorney with the Illinois Securities Department and spent 18 years with the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA), formerly known as the NASD.

Protecting Your Interests in Securities Mediation

In mediation, the parties select a neutral third party who is experienced in securities law. The mediator does not render a decision on behalf of either party, but instead works to help the parties find mutually beneficial solutions so that they can avoid the time and expense of securities litigation. The process is confidential and informal, but parties are generally represented by counsel during the mediation process.

In securities mediation, unlike arbitration, you get to actively participate in the process of finding a solution. You can propose alternatives, and accept or reject any offers from the other party. The mediation process gives you more face-to-face time with the other party to confront the issue, tell your story and brainstorm for solutions.

If you reach agreement in mediation, you will sign a settlement agreement that is binding in court and that will have the same effect as arbitration. However, until you sign the agreement, you are free to walk away at any time.

Because of my extensive experience in securities law, I can help you understand the securities mediation process, so that you know your rights and what to expect. I can also review your situation and advise you whether it will be in your best interests to opt for mediation or arbitration.

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