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If you lost a significant amount of money from stockbroker misconduct or fraud, all hope is not necessarily lost. An experienced securities law attorney may be able to help you recover from your losses.

Advocating for Defrauded Investors Nationwide

I am Chicago investment attorney John C. Barlow with more than 33 years of experience handling cases involving out-of-pocket losses of $100,000 to major frauds involving millions of dollars. Since 2004, I have helped investors recover the money owed to them through:

Before that, I was an enforcement attorney for the Illinois Secretary of State Securities division and was a staff attorney, associate vice president, and then regional director for 18 years with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), formerly known as NASD. I have the depth of experience and credentials to help you recover the money owed to you. Contact my Chicago law firm today for a free initial consultation.

Taking Legal Action Against All Forms of Securities Fraud

I have an intricate understanding of all types of securities and product investments. I also have a clear understanding of the various ways stockbrokers, brokerage firms and financial advisors prey upon investors.

I have extensive experience helping clients recover from stockbroker misconduct involving all types of investments, including:

Many of these are sound financial products in moderation, but there is always the danger of misrepresentation, overconcentration, or of Ponzi schemes by unscrupulous brokers. Other products, such as CMOs and CDOs, are inherently risky and questionable even among industry professionals. One of the most common investor claims is unsuitability, referring to high-risk securities that are inappropriate for the client’s goals, asset base and risk tolerance. Even conservative securities like bonds and indexed mutual funds are sometime subject to excessive trading to generate commissions.

From my experience as a regulator and as a plaintiff’s lawyer in hundreds of cases, I can capably represent you in securities mediation, litigation or securities arbitration, which is often mandated under the terms of the brokerage account.

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I am committed to representing stockholders and investors nationwide. For a free initial consultation, contact me online or call me at (312)214-3365. I accept most securities fraud and stockbroker misconduct claims on a contingent fee basis, charging attorney fees only if I recover compensation for your losses.