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Securities Fraud or Broker Misconduct Relating to REITs

In recent years, real estate investment trusts (REITs) were aggressively marketed by stockbrokers and investment advisors. Often billed as a safe, income-producing vehicle, many REITs have proved to be poor investments or a total bust. With billions of dollars in annual sales, many thousands of investors have lost substantial sums — including many people at or near retirement whose nest eggs were decimated.

The law firm of John C. Barlow, Esq., Attorney at Law in Chicago provides plaintiff representation in securities arbitration and litigation, including fraud or misconduct relating to real estate-related investment products. I am an experienced securities law attorney with a long background working for FINRA (formerly the NASD), which regulates the investment industry. I represent individual investors in Illinois, Indiana and throughout the United States, from Florida to Arizona and California. Contact me to discuss your situation during a free consultation in Chicago, Illinois.

Why Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Are Not So Safe

A real estate investment trust, or REIT, is a real estate ownership entity that sells shares to investors. The REIT may be a publicly traded company or a private partnership that raises capital through private offerings. Typically, REITs package income-producing properties such as office buildings, commercial space, multi-family housing or mixed-used developments.

REITs were commonly marketed to the public as a sound, long-term investment, with annual dividends as a key selling point. When many REITs proved to be unprofitable, unstable and overvalued, brokers continued to push those investments because of the hefty commissions.

I can analyze your potential claims if you believe that:

  • Your broker misrepresented a REIT you invested in
  • Real estate trusts were an unsuitable investment for your risk profile
  • The brokerage failed in its fiduciary duty of due diligence on the REIT
  • Your broker failed to disclose a conflict of interest or self-interest

Contact an Illinois REIT Attorney Who Understands Securities Law

I am very familiar with securities regulations, real estate valuations, required disclosures and other pertinent issues in REIT-related investor losses.

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