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Was Your Broker or Advisor Running a Pyramid Scheme?

Bernie Madoff was able to string hundreds of people along for many years. The lure of strong returns and an invitation-only circle of investors hooked many smart, successful and wealthy people. Eventually, Bernie Madoff’s closely guarded “investment strategy” was revealed to be one giant game of musical chairs. When the music stopped, hundreds of millions of dollars in phony investments simply evaporated.

Many victims of Ponzi schemes never report their loss or seek legal relief. They are embarrassed or assume that they will never see one penny of the money. Also, pyramid schemes are often the product of an affinity type of relationship through a club or organization to which many of the investors belong.

If you lost a substantial sum in a pyramid scheme or other investment scam, contact my law office, John C. Barlow, Esq., Attorney at Law. As your lawyer, I will aggressively pursue your legal recourse to recover defrauded funds.

Handling Investment Scams Nationwide

I began my career as an enforcement attorney for the Illinois Securities Department, then spent 18 years working for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Since 2004, I have represented plaintiffs in all types of securities and investor fraud. Whether you were scammed by a registered brokerage firm or defrauded in a sophisticated Ponzi operation I can evaluate your situation and your possible legal remedies.

There are many variations on the Ponzi scheme, but the basics are the same: A handful of people are enticed to buy into the sham product, service or “wealth-building system.” Word soon spreads about impressive returns — in reality, the scammers are simply paying the early investors with money from the next wave of investors. The fraud finally collapses when there are not enough new recruits to pay returns to all the existing “shareholders.”

I can assess your potential claims for any type of securities fraud:

  • Ponzi schemes (pyramid schemes)
  • Internet investment scams
  • Private offerings for dummy corporations
  • Fraudulent real estate investments
  • Microcap and penny stock “pump and dump” schemes

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To schedule a free initial consultation, contact me online or call me at (312)214-3365. I take most securities claims on a contingent fee basis, charging attorney fees only if I recover compensation for your losses.